community building and management tools

Shared worspaces for independent workers and Small companies are rising all over the World because they are environments for an effective answer to the change of paradigm of the economic system the Eastern countries are facing since the last eight years.


These spaces face same problems :

don’t find companies to join/support

Have few members

Their community is inactive

No community based projects


Poor commercial activity/skills of the members


Affordable and good equipment

Access to tools

Access to knowledge

Exchange between spaces

How to deal with members that need the community but not to work everyday into the space and members that are there everyday and so have to “work” more for the all community (as for example @e curious people, solve current problems, answer to costumers..)

How to scale the business

How to manage economical issues between members

How to manage economical issues between space and outside

  • Bringing together different People, of different ages
  • Creative Place for everyone to solvent there projects
  • Access to Hightech Equipment to “normal” People
  • Access to the Knowledge from the whole community
  • Ability to build prototypes for Start-Up Companys, Designers, etc.
  • Relationship with owner of the building