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First step to do when you are planning to found a company with others is to align on one common direction, fix clearly in mind which is the final goal of the company.

First we think we needed to align ourself on our needs and goals.

Maik: teilWERK – shared factory & creating communities
enable people to create / enable people2create

We enable people (as well as companies) to create. Therefore we provide (manage) access. Access to tools, knownledge and space – people. How/What we do? We support people (as well as.. C) to create shared working environments where they can work together easy and will be abled to gain more (profit/faster results, better impact) compared to work alone. how we do so? We (will) provide support (Consultancy), Tools, (Methods/IT Tools/Plattform) we help to manage and offer other services (on demand).

Lorenza: teilWERK – collaborative tools and strategies to innovate again

teilWERK is e company that develops tools and instruments based on collaborative economy for solving challenges the SME have to face nowadays.
Through our tools, consultancies and workshops we can help companies to innovate adopting new strategies based on collaboration using social media stratefies, open source environments, smart manufacturing machines and softwares that makes a positive change inside companies. We are a bridge between the maker movement and traditional companies. Everything we propose is made by us and tested in different European companies in collaboration with some new shared working environments as Multifactories, makers spaces, fablabs.

Jonathan: teilWERK

Giulio  teilWERK: Make Business Together: find and share ideas, skills, tools, resources
logo: MBT with teilWERK

tW is a company which helps people to make business together. tW works on 4 levels
1 – put together needs a nd resources
2 – helping new businesses to make their own business model
3 – give them on-line resources to collaborate (contracts, collecto, ecc)
4 – eneble people to make things (with classes, courses, ecc)

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