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What does Sharing Economy mean?

Uber? airbnb? sure not. Sharing Economy is gradually rising and become popular. It became an umbrella under to put many different new trend.

Some articles links, in German, that give the bad size about Sharing Economy:



The “good” ones are those that empower communities in giving access to tools instead of possessing them. Couchsurfing can be recognize as one of the first platforms shaping Sharing Economy with this meaning.

In the last year both academic and independent institutions are looking for someone making some order in this mess.

What characterizes the organization and the management of ‘postgrowth organizations’ (PGOs)? Is it possible to turn traditional organizations into PGOs? What are the limits and prospects of PGOs in the transformation of capitalism? If you are working on one of these (or various other) questions, you should read this call for papers for a special issue of “Management Revue”.

i-share-economy The editors Are Professors from Chemnitz 😮 Prof. Hartz!