Shared Factory Services / Community Fabrication

we enable people to create

find and share ideas, skills and tools

make business together

teilWERK helps

to foster collaboration within communities

to switch from a traditional company to a collaborative company


teilWERK provides tools

to establish an open environment to work and collaborate

to help people to keep in contact on a daily base

We Make Easy Working From Remote

Working from remote is a NEED (and a great opportunity) for most Organizations and Entrepreneurs

If you have several offices (a headquarter and some on-field offices, or commercial branches in other Countries)

If you need to run your company from a distant place (in case of a long Business Trip, or if you’re forced at home for a period)

If your collaborators or employees need to work from home

eWindow an Electronic Window


The eWindow is a Co-Presence System. It works as a “real” window: when you “open” it you can leave it open all day long, and it connects two rooms (or offices, or any kind of spaces) in a natural way, as people were in front of two sides of a window.

eWindow fosters communication between partners or members of the same organization working from different spaces, towns, countries. It makes communication easier because is a direct way to establish informal and unplanned interactions

eWindow IS VERY CHEAP as it’s based on third parties commercial devices

eWindow uses LOW RESOURCES (power, internet connection). It can be open 24/7 and it can be used also to connect Countries with poor connectivity


How To Get an eWindow

The eWindow is based on Open Software. We believe in the DIY approach and in the free sharing of knowledge

Everybody who has enough time and knows how to install and operate a Raspberry can build and use its own eWindow

If you are a Company, or a structured Organization, teilWERK can provide customized solutions for you

We can help you to Design and Install your own network and to Find the right solution in terms of Usability and User Experience

3D Printing Made Easy

Additive Manufacturing has already changed the way Companies are developing their products, Architects are modeling their projects, Museums are setting up their exhibitions.

But 3D printing is also becoming a tool for people to fix and repair their old equipments, and to rethink to their lifestyle in order to become more sustainable

teilWERK supports Organizations and Public Bodies to set up programs focused on 3D Printing and innovative sustainability models related to it

teilWERK also supports Companies and Professionals in order to choose and set-up the right solution for their needs related to additive manufacturing

The Team

We are 4 change makers who believe in a new economic system, sustainable and collaborative


There is no cloud. Just somebody else’s computer.


You can build everything, just need a plan step by step. Never run.


Make it simple and understandable by everyone. Everything else is an unuseful brain trouble.


Everything is a system. Understand the system, everything else will follow.

Contact Us

  • teilWERK GbR L. Salati, J. Sieber & M. Jähne: Jagdweg 1-3, 01159 Dresden, Saxony DE
  • Call us: +49 1796638287
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We are proudly based in Saxony. Our headquarter is in Dresden, and you can often find us in Chemnitz.

But we don't mind about traveling: if you have a need, contact us. We will come to meet you.

Teilwerk was founded in 2017 and is a Startup supported by:
Europa fördert Sachsen