Shared Factory Services / Community Fabrication

We enable people to create.

Find and share ideas, skills and tools.

Make business together.

TeilWERK helps

to automatise collaborations inside communities.

to switch from a traditional company to a collaborative company.


In the main framework of the Sharing Economy, through our tools, consultancies and workshops we help companies to innovate adopting new strategies

using social media, open source environments, smart and additive manufacturing.

Collaboration related to business is not easy and requires new tools to:

  • put together needs and resources
  • help new businesses to make their own business model
  • give them on-line resources to collaborate
  • help shared workspaces to grow, strenghten and develop.

Community building

We offer consultancy and trainings on community building.

Coworkings, Fablab, Makerspaces, Creative Hubs and Multifactories are made by communities.

Very often the real problem of a shared space is to build and manage these communities.

We lead workshops on Community Building from four hours to four days in English, German and Italian.

eWindow an electronic window

The eWindow is an audiovisual communication device that runs 24/7 connecting people in two different spaces: like a window in a wall.

It makes communication easier because is a direct way to establish informal and unplanned interactions.

It helps communication between partners or members of the same organization working from different spaces, towns, countries.

Shared 3D printers and laser cutters

We offer customized solutions to share a 3D printer or a laser cutter.

Every member of a community can login and manage his profile.

The owner of the machine can manage the maintenance and the fee.

Video Tutorials

Video Tutorials are both marketing tools and tools for sharing knowledge.

We make video tutorials for promoting professionals and companies.

We organize classes to teach how to make videotutorials.

The team

We are 4 change makers that believe in a new economic system, sustainable for everybody.


There is no cloud. Just somebody else’s computer.


You can build everything, just need a plan step by step. Never run.


Make it simple and understandable by everyone. Everything else is an unuseful brain trouble.


Everything is a system. Understand the system, everything else will follow.

contact us

  • teilWERK GbR L. Salati & J. Sieber & M. Jähne: Jagdweg 1-3, 01159 Dresden, Saxony DE
  • Call us: +49 1796638287
  • Email:

We are based in Saxony, you can meet us in Dresden and Chemnitz. But we also travel a lot for empirical research. Contact us, we will come to meet you.

Teilwerk is a Startup supported by:
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