Shared Factory Services / Community Fabrication

We enable people to create.

Find and share ideas, skills and tools.

Make business together.


We are 4 change makers that believe in a new economic system, sustainable for everybody


There is no cloud. Just somebody else’s computer.


You can build everything, just need a plan step by step. Never run.


Make it simple and understandable by everyone. Everything else is an unuseful brain trouble.


Everything is a system. Understand the system, everything else will follow.

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TeilWERK:Our Manifesto

We believe in:

Decentral Concepts (but all the hubs should be connected)

Multifactory as well as OwnCloud or other concepts, they all do not follow a central (Single Provider/Hosting) philiosophy. The future is P2P. People want to keep control, companies, too. So enable them to do so. Still there is space for central help, support and it is cloudy, too. (but more a collection of tiny clouds)
and we can still open a window (an API) to “old” cloud services (i.e. Cobot/Fabman…)

Free Access to  Knowledge

Niedrigschwellig (low-treshold but growable)

Raspi as well as Cura, offer easy entry (Use and pricing) but can be used for very advance things too (Admin Easy (and advanced) or Usable out of the box or DIY or ProDIY). And even with the Biz Model (free at the beginning, or if you cant afford it since your too small). The real potential is the connection between different worlds i.e. Artis & engineers. Maker & Biz. Each one has a completely different mindsed so likes different management tools, so there is no ONE solution, used by everybody, it never will be. But everything is connected, so lets help others, and ourself, to manage that interaction barrier free (or low). It is a cool tool, but real innovation potential (and issues) are/is in social and organization. So think about motivation before you start implement a software or a tool. Keep an eye on social relations, personal behaviors first and if it does not help keep the IT away.

Finally: Sharing

Following this Rule: Don´t think what you can get, think what can be your contribution* (all the rest will come, think about what  you can give, and later you will get something in exchange. We can see it in our BizModel, too. At first we help the Maker scene with solutions/Consultancy. Then we hope to get it back by several ideas and models.


For questions and collaborations

  • Our headquarter: teilWERK GbR (J. Sieber & M. Jähne): Jagdweg 1-3, 01159 Dresden, Saxony DE
  • Call us: +49 1796638287
  • Email:

We are based in Saxony, you can meet us in Dresden and Chemnitz. But we also travel a lot for empirical research about innovative solutions for our customers.

Teilwerk is a Startup supported by:
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